Welcome to Australian Athletes' Alliance

AAA was established in 2007 by the AFL Players' Association, Australian Cricketers' Association, Professional Footballers' Association, Australian Swimmers Association, Netballers' Association, Rugby League Players' Association, and Rugby Union Players' Association. The National Basketball League Players' Association joined the AAA in 2012.  AAA's mission is:

a) Influence
to present a respected, influential and united voice on behalf of Australia's professional athletes on matters of common concern;
b) Support
to support and advance the interests and collective representation of professional athletes;
c) Citizenship
to foster the highest standards of citizenship among professional athletes;
d) Contribution
to enhance the value the community, business, sport and government attaches to the work of professional athletes on and off the field by maximising the contribution professional athletes make to society; and
e) Peak Body
to act as a highly effective peak body for member athletes' associations.


Among the wide range of issues affecting athletes are:

  • Tax policy
  • Injuries and Insurance
  • Privacy and Publicity Rights
  • Workplace Relations
  • Agents
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Anti-Doping
  • Women's sports
  • Disciplinary rights
  • Unfair restrictions of trade
  • Commercialisation
  • Marketing
  • Making Australia attractive to world-class athletes


AAA advocates on behalf of Australian athletes at the state and national levels and seeks to inform government and the wider community about issues affecting athletes.



Brendan Schwab represents the World Footballers at Interpol Match Fixing Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Please click here for media release together with full speech and presentation.


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